Tune in for Guidance

intuition-ego400Finding guidance for the hard and simple choices, is only a quiet moment away. The guidance you can find from your inner intuition will most serve you and those along your path. Tapping into intuition wasn’t something I was always familiar with, for awhile I wasn’t even aware what that meant.  Although, I have usually been someone who will stop doing something, or being with someone, if I feel it is not bringing positivity into my life.  Some may think I was selfish, but I was doing what I felt my inner-self needed in order to continue living a balanced life.  Little did I know, I actually was listening to my intuition – the guidance that comes from our higher self that directs us on the path of our higher purpose.

There have been times in my life that I was stubborn or ignorant to the guidance that I was receiving, and it forced me to learn the hard way. By the hard way I figuratively mean – hitting a dead end of the road, falling of the cliff, and then having to find my way back without a road map or iPhone! Even though, learning the hard way can be difficult and painful, it does teach a valid lesson; and a lesson learned is wisdom gained. With that said, recently I have been receiving a strong message from my intuition, and therefore I am writing this blog today; to help both you and myself to remember to stay connected to our intuition and to keep ourselves open for guidance.

 I wasn’t always aware of what intuition was, or how to use it, or even if I was connected to it. Intuition was a mystery of life that I was curious to learn more about. However, I quickly discovered that learning more about my intuition meant learning more about who I was, and accepting the capabilities that I was already given. See, many of us have a false sense of confidence in ourselves, which comes from our ego; it makes us think we know it all or believe that we know nothing at all. Our ego is developed from years of others telling us who we are, what we are meant to be, what we are capable of doing, and all the little beliefs we have attached to our-self; it can be very misleading and can block intuition. It’s important for us all to remember, for every belief we accept, there is also a small lie that we have choose to ignore. 

Overcoming our limiting beliefs of who we are supposed to be, will facilitate the connections with our intuition.  When we are able to acknowledge the lies that our ego has accepted, we will then able to release them and hear truth from our intuition. Our intuition and ego have very different ways of communicating, which can easily be recognized when you become more in-tuned with yourself. I often find myself in a struggle between overcoming my ego, in order to embrace what my intuition is telling me, but becoming aware is the first step. Ego will sound like, ” I must stay… I will be missed and they need me… if I leave they will be upset with me.”  Where your intuition will sound like, ” It is time for me to leave.. I have served my purpose.. I am needed somewhere else.” Ego is concerned with what others think, how others will respond; where as intuition, is focused on staying fulfilled and on path. Our ego has a way of wearing us out, exhausting our energy, emotions, resources and can be detrimental to our well being; where as, our intuition is restoring, energizing, healing to our energy and will bring greater fulfillment to ones life.

After you have asked the hard question, it all comes down to either believing your ego or trusting in your intuition. It is the same for all of us, a choose we must make to live in our own truth or to live in a lie. I know, personally, it can be intimidating listening to your intuition, but there is much to be gained. Peace, joy, and love are all the benefits that you can reap when you have fayth in yourself and your intuition.  I hope that you find the courage to release your ego and embrace your intuition; trust your inner voice that tells you to respect who you are and the higher purpose that you serve. Today, right now, is the best time to start living your truth, make today count- BEST DAY EVER!

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