The Real World

What does your reality look like? Do you always get what you want in your world? or are you getting the short end of the stick? Do you feel that others treat you with respect and kindness? or Does it seem like someone is always out to get you? 


Whether you are conscious of it or not you are creating the reality you live in. We all create  our own worlds, our own reality, we are the force that attracts everything into our world. So let me ask you again – What are you attracting into your world? Our external world is a reflection of our inner world, therefore,  if you don’t like the world you live in, you must first shift your inner world in order to see change in your external world.

Our reality is based off our perception, so the first questions to ask yourself is – How do I want to view my world? I want to perceive my world from a place of fayth, looking only to see the good in all. Therefore, I begin my days with thoughts of fayth, expecting to be greeted with good people and situations all day long.  Having this perception allows me to live in a positive world, full of wonderful people, awesome situations, and overall I experience life in a beautiful world. If you are not happy with the world you are living in, first check in with your perception. Here are a couple test questions to find out where your perception is focused on:


When I first meet someone I usually?  Like them, judge them, dislike them,

When I first experience a new situation I usually? like it, judge it, dislike it

When I wake up in the morning I usually feel? Excited, grateful,  stressed, depressed, robotic

When I go to bed I usually feel? Accomplished, Grateful, exhausted, drained, anxious


If you are noticing that you are more drawn to positive answers – It’s safe to save you have a more positive perception of your world – Keep it up! If you are feeling more drawn to the negative answers, Im sure your world tends to be more gloomy and not what you want it too look like- but now you are aware and can create a shift!


Awareness is the key to getting what you want, when you are aware of the choices you are making you will make choices that will create and manifest what you want.  The next step is to focus your energy on altering your perception to create the world you desire to live in. This is the fun part, my favorite part – the creation of the wish list! All that is required is, pen, paper and creativity. Simply write down what you want, who you want, where you want to be or go, when you want things to happen or people to show up – the more details the better! Remember, this is the reality you want to live in, the more real it feels to you the faster it will become your reality. Here are more suggestions to help you create the reality you want:


Create a Will – Title each want with, “ I will” (Ex. I will have a Range Rover). Remember where there is a will, there is a way.

My Life – Create vision boards cut out pictures that represent what you want. Place your boards  in a place you can sees daily to help you stay focused on what your are creating.

Communicate what you want – Often we voice what we don’t want , remove the “don’t” and speak only of what you want.

I Am – Create a list of what you already have and are grateful for (Ex. I am grateful to have a loving partner) – focus on all the good you already have in your world. The more energy you give to that which you love you will attract more of it.


Now that you are aware that you are the creator of your reality the possibilities are infinite! Whatever you can imagine can be created and manifested into your reality, its all just a matter of how much energy you give it – Your thoughts, feelings, words, choices and actions, shift your energy, so be aware of yourself, because the energy you give off will manifest into your reality. Enjoy the process of creating and manifesting, always focus on what you want and remember it is your world, your reality, your life and it is meant to be enjoyed! Today is the best day ever to create the world you want.


With much love and gratitutude,

Reiki Mama


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