Read. Rock. Reiki

sleeping beauty Bedtime routine with my daughter is my favorite yet sometimes more challenging part of my day. I love it because it’s a special time for us…She loves her bath and putting on cozy pajamas, picking out her books and then snuggling up on the rocking chair ~ its pure mama bliss… But there are those other nights, when her nap schedule gets messed up and all she wants to do is party, or the nights I am so exhausted from my day that the idea of one more responsibility is going to send me over the edge. The bottom line is not every night is easy, and not every night is hard. However, I have learned that routine is essential, and I have formulated our own routine that guarantees we achieve success.

When my daughter was four months old I became a Reiki 1 Practitioner. ( Which just a brief description, Reiki is a Japanese Energy healing practice that uses the laying of hands to channel energy through the practitioner to client to promote wellness and healing.) I choose to learn Reiki for my own personal use, but also to be able to help others; however I have realized that Reiki was a gift to my daughter and a blessing to me.  Every mom wants to be able to comfort their child and bring peace to them… But in reality, there are moments and days were it can be a challenge. I have found that using Reiki allows me to focus on the bigger picture. I am able to relax myself and focus on the energy I am sharing with her. I have learned that she can feel my stress or joy and knowing this helps me focus on sharing positive energy. I find strength from using Reiki, it helps me overcome the stresses of the day and find peace again.

Reiki is something I make an effort to practice on a daily basis for myself and my daughter, but majority of the time I perform it at bedtime for her. For almost 2 years now I have used Reiki at bedtime to ease her into a deep slumber and I am happy to say I have an awesome sleeper! Consistency is the key to bedtime routine, every parenting book will tell you that, so that’s why I do the three R’s ~Read, Rock, Reiki. We start with reading three books… And she knows after the second book it’s the last book (She even will say one more book! No slipping anything past her), then we turn of the light, I rock her, sing a few songs, and let the energy flow. There is not a better feeling then rocking her gently to sleep and feeling her body just melt into mine. Performing Reiki creates this beautiful warm feeling that is comforting and deeply relaxing, I often find myself slipping away…

I love that I have a greater understanding of energy and how Reiki uses it promote healing and wellness; it has given me the extra tools I needed to bring comfort to my myself, allowing me to  share positive energy with my daughter.  I love furthering my knowledge of energy healing and hope that I have and will inspire you and others to find the same peace and wellness that I continue to discover.

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