How to Protect your Energy


Energy is highly contagious! Warning –  bad vibes can be contracted and good vibes can be shared.  We all are susceptible to catching others energy, it happens all day and we don’t even notice. For example, when you see someone yawn, you will naturally yawn -why? because you just caught their tired energy. Or better yet,  when someone smiles at you and you smile back – you just caught their friendly energy.  Regardless if you know it or not, I want to help raise your awareness to your ability to catch negative energy  or positive energy and how you can take preventive measures to protect your energy.

Protecting my energy has changed my life. I have strong empath abilities (The ability to feel others thoughts, emotions and feelings as if they are my own) which makes me very sensitive to the emotions and energies of others I surround myself with. Being empathetic is amazing, but when I am out in a group setting or surrounded by a large crowd, being a sponge absorbing everyones energies can be overwhelming. I have often avoided these type of settings because I would become ill feeling, or just overwhelmed and anxious. It wasn’t until I took Reiki 1 that I learned energy protection, which is what I want to share with you.

As a Reiki practitioner protecting my energy is one of the most important steps I must take before actually laying my hands on a client. When performing Reiki I am making a direct connection with someones energy, therefore, if not protected I put my energy at risk of being influenced by theres. Although, I have realized in every situation when I am interacting with another being I am susceptible to picking up their energy.  With that being said, I think we should all take steps to protect ourself from catching negative energy.

Sharing energy can be wonderful, we all have those people in our lives that we love to be around, the energy lifters, but we also encounter others which can be energy zappers, those who seem to always bring a negative vibe. Therefore, it is important to protect your energy from the energy zappers, so that we ourselves don’t become one.  When protecting my energy, I am not blocking myself from connecting with others, I am simply putting a healthy boundary around myself (and I am not expert on boundaries, especially the concept of healthy ones….) However, after struggling with severe anxiety, depression, fear and overall negative energy symptoms, I realized I needed to protect myself. Below, are listed the steps that I follow for protecting your energy.

 Setting Energy Boundaries 

 Center your energy – Begin standing with your feet together, hands on your legs, and take several focusing breathes. ( When I breathe in I feel myself pulling energy up from the group through my feet and all the way up through my crown chakra… As I breathe out I send it all the way back down – with each breath feeling my energy getting stronger)

Check in with you energy – Check in with yourself, ask yourself – Who am I being?  You want to feel positive energy, feel your vibration high – full of love, joy and peace. After checking in, I often need to release any negativity I am holding on to, so my energy can become stronger.

Protect my energy

1. Reach your arms to the side, with palms up reach them to the sky and bring them prayer position above your head (I visualize  that I am connecting  to a bright white light)

2. Grasp this light and bring your arms all the way down to the ground. ( I visualize this white light flowing through me and surrounding me in a big bubble)

3.  Now stand back up, bringing the white light back up again and bring your hands to prayer position in front of your heart chakra. ( I know see myself surrounded and full of white light, I feel the warmth and the safety of my protection)

4.Then set your intention for your protection  – Ex. “I chose to stay centered and be protected from all negative energy today. This boundary of energy is here to make sure only positive energy is shared and received. I allow my positive energy to be shared with all that I meet today. Thank you God.”

Your protection is now set – now its time for you to have an awesome day! I occasionally have to re-set my protection throughout the day –  when I do so, I will escape to the bathroom or any room to take a few cleansing breathes and remind myself that I am protected and I release any negative energy that has managed to slip in.

I hope that this is as helpful for you as it is for me. We are all susceptible to being affected by others energy, some of us are more easily influenced than others. However, all of us should be aware of our own energy and be responsible for what we share with others and what we allow ourself to receive from others. Protecting your energy is the simplest way to help keep your energy healthy  and positive, which will assist you in having a greater positive effect on others. So give it a try today, and tomorrow, and every other day that you want to experience your Best Day Ever!

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