Exhaustion is a State of Mind

exhaustedWhen I became a mom I abruptly found myself visiting the state of exhaustion more often then I desired. I experienced all the glorious side effects – the burning eyes, the nods, the yawns, and the feeling that you just may die from lack of sleep… I have been there. But trust me when I say this – exhaustion is a state of mind. I know because I lived there for awhile, until one day I woke up and realized I could choose to be somewhere else…

I first thought my exhaustion was due to lack of sleep, and although that played a role, my real issue was how I viewed me world and life. I felt worn out, drained from life, over worked, under appreciated, and lacking the love and support that I wanted, as well as  I was not taking care of  my wellbeing. I had created this world in which I felt life was just taking all that I had and I was never receiving anything in return. I saw every situation and interaction as draining rather then energizing. My perspective was focused on being tired, and my life reflected the feelings I created.

It wasn’t easy escaping the exhaustion state of mind, I felt trapped there. With the option of adding more hours to the day not plausible I had to figure out a way to reboot and recharge myself  amongst the chaos of my day. So first step first, I had to change my mind, I was determined to get out of my tired mind and escape and find more energy and endurance. Second, I needed to alter my feelings towards my day, instead of seeing every chore and responsibility as tiring and energy draining, I saw them as exhilarating and energy boosting. Thirdly, I had to make time for me, even if it was just small moments in the bathroom, I made a conscious effort to focus on  allowing myself to decompress, and release all tiring energy and breathe in zesty energy.  I realized that small adjustments made the world of difference and the view from my new state of mind was glorious!

Exhaustion is a real thing and sleep is one of the ways to avoid falling into the exhaustion state of mind trap. By suggesting you alter your state of mind, I am not recommending you continually ignore your bodies request for more sleep. We must respect our bodies and honor our mind and spirit. However, I am aware that often we need mental toughness to help us overcome what appears to be a physical issue. Our bodies reflect our thoughts and feelings, and if we are aware of this we can open ourselves up to a beautiful world. As I stated previously, exhaustion is often a sign of life draining you, people sucking the energy out of you, and overall your spirit and mind not receiving enough re-charge time. Therefore, to overcome the challenge of exhaustion, you must alter your mind to see life differently.

Here are some recommendation on how you can leave the exhaustion state of mind:

1) Listen to music – happy music, music that makes you want to jump, sing, dance and move! When we are exhausted we don’t want to move, so moving your body will help you alter your mood and alter your mind.

2) Drink water – get a gallon of distilled water and write energy words on it – vibrant, alive, excited, awake… Drink this water when you are tired and allow the water to re-hydrate you and replenish your energy level.

3) Meditate – yes, give yourself a few minutes to close those eyes, so that you may rest your body and allow your mind to slip away to another dimension. Visualize what you want your day to look like, see yourself having energy and enjoying life. See yourself getting the rest you need and the down time you want. Use your mind to create the day, week, and life you want.

4) Take a walk  outside – breathe in fresh air – take deep long breathes, allow your mind to feel the breath of life to fill it up awaking it more with each breath you take. Allow yourself to absorb all of natures infinite energy!

If you are tired of being tired, then throw your old tired mindset out the window, and quickly move to a new state of mind. I recommend the following states of mind – Energized, enthusiastic, awake, zesty… All are wonderful places to go and stay when you are in need of a pick me up and boost of energy. Its your choice, so choose to live vibrantly energized!

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