Do you Have an Enlarged Ego?

Do you feel sad, angry, overwhelmed or anxious often? Do you easily get hurt by others and feel rejected or offended? Do you allow people or situations to affect you in a negative way? 

 If you have said yes to any of the questions above, you could be suffering from an enlarged ego… I am not a doctor nor a psychologist, but as a Energy practitioner, I have become aware of my own ego and the detriment it can bring to our being. If you are realizing that you may be suffering from enlarged ego, be grateful that you have become aware of it – you can now treat it and cure yourself. With some adjustments we will be able to get you back on track and in alignment with g-d.
An overactive ego is the result of low frequency thoughts and a negative thought process. Those who are suffering from and enlarged ego may sound like this –  “Nobody likes me, poor me, how could they say that to me? – me me me me.” The focus will always be on them and everyone is out to get them, hurt them, and ruin their day.
We are all susceptible to this thoughts process,  but it is important to not let our ego seperate us from g-d. The ego is where our beliefs and fears come from and it is that which separates us from other and most importantly g-d.  It is important to address this imbalance quickly to avoid any longterm damage.
If you are aware that you have symptoms of an overactive ego here are a few steps you can take to bring yourself back into alignment and strengthen your connection with g-d:
1) Be grateful – all experiences whether they appear to be good or bad present a lesson to be gained. Choose to focus on your learning and growing. change your question from – why me? to How am I growing and learning from this? 
2) Raise your vibration – keep your thoughts positive and your words encouraging. If you are vibrating at a positive frequency you will continue to bring positivity into your life.
3) The Mirror Effect – see others as your refection – practice loving all and start with loving yourself. You are no greater nor worst then any other being, we all are just vibrate at different frequencies.
4) Serve others – as you wash the hands of another you also wash your hands. Serving is self- serving, look for win- win opportunities.
Recovering from enlarged ego can be a quick. As long as you are willing to change your perspective and let g-d be the center of your focus – balance, peace, joy and love are only a thought a way. Here are signs that you have returned to g-d centered consciousness: You will feel happy, positive, aware, enlightened, focused, full of purpose, able to love and be at peace with all and grateful- to name a few. We all have our own balanced state of being, when you are balanced that is when life will flow with ease and there is no need to try or do,  just be – Being you and who you are purposed to be.
As energetic beings we all must be aware of the energy we present and be responsible for our thoughts,words, actions and choices. A life of fulfillment and enjoyment is simply a thought a way . Today is the best day ever, take steps today to balance your energy and choose to stay connected to g-d!
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