Commit to Change



Are you TRYING to change?

Maybe you have been TRYING to workout and eat better..?

Or maybe you are TRYING to be more organized or clean?


Stop trying right now! Whenever I hear someone say they are trying, I instantly know their level of commitment and their chance of success – usually about 50/50 and that’s being generous.

Trying says- “I kind of want to be healthier… BUT  I don’t know if I have the time or the money or the will power. “

Trying says – “I would love to be that organized mom who always stays calm with her kids. BUT I am just too tired and my  kids are just so messy and crazy.”

Trying sounds like – “I want to achieve something but I doubt that I am able to. The root of trying, is self-doubt, insecurity and fear.”

When you say you are trying, you are lying to yourself about what you truly believe you can achieve. You are setting yourself up for a undesirable results when you attempt to change but doubt in your ability to change. It is self-doubt and fear of failure that will keep you stuck in “trying” and blocked from Succeeding.

You can try all you want, you can do all the things you think you need to “DO” to be who you want to be…. BUT know this – real change, real transformation and real success come when you fully align – your thoughts, with your words – your words with your actions – and then your actions over time reap the results of your desired thoughts. This is The Process of Transformation – It is not a short but it is a simple process. 

The Process of Transformation starts with a thought, but in order for that thought to become a reality, the energy must be consistent in all that you – THINK, SAY and DO. It is through consistent and focused energy that you will be able to fully embody the change and ultimately  BE THE CHANGE.

Change says – “I am committed to being healthier, I focus on finding healthy food options, new enjoyable exercises and meeting others who also enjoy living healthy lifestyles!”

Change says – “I believe I can be an organized mom and raise my children to be kind, loving and successful people!I do my best everyday to set a positive example for my kids!”

Change sounds like – “I will achieve my goals because I believe I can! The root of change, is self -confidence, positive belief in self and faith. “

Change is challenging, it is hard and sometimes can feel downright impossible – we know this and that is why we most often stick to just trying. The biggest difference from someone who is just “Trying” and someone who is “Transforming” is – COMMITMENT. A person trying, always has an exit plan in mind, a “Just in case it doesn’t workout plan”. Whereas a transforming person, always and only has their eye on their goal; no matter what challenges they encounter they are determined to change.

If you want to go from just trying to actually transforming and seeing real lasting change in your life choose to commit and believe in yourself. Take ownership of the fear that is blocking you, clear out any thoughts of self-doubt and let go of insecurities that have robbed you of success in the past. Today is a new day, and Tomorrow can be an even a better day. Start today, begin changing by  aligning what you think with what you say and do.

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