The Black Belt of Antioxidants – Glutathione!

judo1We have all heard of antioxidants. They help our bodies get rid of cancer-causing free radicals and contribute to our overall health. We simply cannot expect to be healthy in today’s polluted world without some help of antioxidants. By carefully selecting supplements and food, we can protect our bodies from oxidative damage and slow down the aging process. In the battle of anti – O’s vs. free radicals, one player stands out without a doubt. The most important warrior you can recruit to aid your health is Glutathione.  Read more ›

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Improve Your Digestion and Combat Parasites with Diatomaceous Earth!

earthThis may look like your breakfast cereal but it is another natural helper in my “Secret Supplements that Work” series. Diatomaceous earth is nothing new. It is silica powder that has been mined from underground. When the tiny cylinders of Diatomaceous earth (like the ones in the picture) enter the body, they immediately work to clean us from the inside. This is 100% natural and when consumed by the body it provides a wide range of benefits.  Read more ›

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The Real World

What does your reality look like? Do you always get what you want in your world? or are you getting the short end of the stick? Do you feel that others treat you with respect and kindness? or Does it seem like someone is always out to get you? 


Whether you are conscious of it or not you are creating the reality you live in. We all create  our own worlds, our own reality, we are the force that attracts everything into our world. So let me ask you again – What are you attracting into your world? Our external world is a reflection of our inner world, therefore,  if you don’t like the world you live in, you must first shift your inner world in order to see change in your external world.

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Do you Have an Enlarged Ego?

Do you feel sad, angry, overwhelmed or anxious often? Do you easily get hurt by others and feel rejected or offended? Do you allow people or situations to affect you in a negative way? 

 If you have said yes to any of the questions above, you could be suffering from an enlarged ego… I am not a doctor nor a psychologist, but as a Energy practitioner, I have become aware of my own ego and the detriment it can bring to our being. If you are realizing that you may be suffering from enlarged ego, be grateful that you have become aware of it – you can now treat it and cure yourself. With some adjustments we will be able to get you back on track and in alignment with g-d.
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Become SuperHuman with Fulvic/Humic Acid!!!

superheroWhat if I told you there was a supplement that will supercharge your immune system to keep you from getting sick? This same substance has the ability to detoxify heavy metals from your body, can kill free-radicals and flushes them as waste, and increases bioavailability of foods to improve vitamin/mineral absorption. What if I also told you that this supplement is 100% natural and used to be a part of our drinking water? It is filtered out because of the decision of municipalities to chlorinate the water but rest assured, you can still get your hands on some fulvic/humic acid. This is Part Two in my “Secret Supplements that Work”. Read more ›

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Exhaustion is a State of Mind

exhaustedWhen I became a mom I abruptly found myself visiting the state of exhaustion more often then I desired. I experienced all the glorious side effects – the burning eyes, the nods, the yawns, and the feeling that you just may die from lack of sleep… I have been there. But trust me when I say this – exhaustion is a state of mind. I know because I lived there for awhile, until one day I woke up and realized I could choose to be somewhere else… Read more ›

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How to Protect your Energy


Energy is highly contagious! Warning –  bad vibes can be contracted and good vibes can be shared.  We all are susceptible to catching others energy, it happens all day and we don’t even notice. For example, when you see someone yawn, you will naturally yawn -why? because you just caught their tired energy. Or better yet,  when someone smiles at you and you smile back – you just caught their friendly energy.  Regardless if you know it or not, I want to help raise your awareness to your ability to catch negative energy  or positive energy and how you can take preventive measures to protect your energy.

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Trust Me Mommy

Love-is-about-trustTrust me mommy…? Trust me mommy! Recently this has been a question and a statement that my sweet two year old Gracie has been making… The first time she asked me if I trusted her I was caught off guard – trying to figure out why this little one would ask that. I am sure she had overheard me telling someone to trust me or when I was giving a lesson about trust (there are many teaching moments throughout my day that I don’t always recognize what is resonating and what is going over her head.) However, when asked if I trusted her, I didn’t hesitate to say yes…


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Fight Stress with L-Theanine!

L-theanineThis is Part 1 in my new series “Secret Supplements That Work.” I want to make more people aware of extremely beneficial supplements that their body actually needs to function at its best. They are amino and fatty acids, minerals and other necessary compounds. Ditch cheap mostly-filler supplements that GNC carries, with my help you will find out about these secret helpers and what they can do. Today’s topic: relaxing with L-Theanine. Read more ›

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Excuse Free Mama

Be Excuse Free  I met a lady at the gym yesterday who so kindly encouraged me in being awesome… But she also expressed how she used to use her children as an excuse for not taking care of herself… Her words reminded me of how there are so many mamas out there who are in a rut… A place I had found myself before… Read more ›

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