Homemade Cleaning Solutions ~ For Daily Use

CleanersAs a follow up my last article, “Cleanliness is close to Godliness” I have for you the basic cleaning products I use on a daily basis.

My shopping list

White vinegar, baking soda, olive oil (which let me add I am obsessed with! Natural moisturizer, no more dry hands after cleaning), essential oils (lavender and jasmine~ I feel like I am at a spa with these scents) and plastic squirt bottles (Simply Spritz is what I used, which I found at Wal-Mart).

Pretty all Purpose

Surface cleaner that kills germs

**Recipe for 20oz bottle**

– 17oz water

– 3oz part white vinegar

-15-20 drops of essential oil (if desired)

I used this cleaner – in the kitchen, bathrooms, on windows and counters and toys. (My daughter sprayed it on everything; our dog now has a floral smell…)

Wicked Wood Cleaner

 Polishes and removes germs

**Recipe for a 6 oz squirt bottle**

-2 tablespoons white vinegar

–       3/4 cup olive oil

–       1 tablespoon of lemon juice

–       1/4 cup warm water

I used this on all wood furniture, love the shine it leaves without a greasy or waxy residue.

Fabulous Carpet Freshener

–       Use a container that has opening on the lid for the powder to flow out of, I used a glass cheese holder

–       Fill with baking soda

–       Add 20 drops of essential oil and stir around

–       Shake on to carpet and let sit for 15min then vacuum up.

I have a dog and this kicks butt on removing the smell of dog from my carpets, I even used it on my throw pillows to freshen them up.

      Hope you enjoy these simple recipes and have fun making your own cleaning solutions! As you look at your clean rooms, reflect on the awesomeness that you achieved through your own abilities. You are creating environment that is clean and chemical free, which helps make your world and our world at large a more sustainable place.

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Anton says:

very simple but just as if not more effective as store bought crap! awesome


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