Cleanliness is close to Godliness

 I like things clean, alright, that may be a tad of an understatement…When I say clean, I mean I want to be able to eat off the floors. Dirt smudges, or little grimy fingers don’t stand a chance when I’m on a mission to clean! Let me also mention that I like things organized, as the saying goes – there’s a place for everything and everything has a place. Now do I always manage to get everything clean and organized…. Not all the time, but it is my goal and I strive for excellence.

As a mother of a toddler and a nanny for 3 young children, I feel as though I am always wiping something down and putting a toy back in its place, which may drive some crazy, but I personally feel purpose in my responsibilities. I enjoy looking at a clean room, and smelling the fresh scent of cleanliness. I encourage others to do their best in keeping their homes organized and tidy, for the benefits are far beyond that which meets the eye.


Some of the benefits I have noticed from having a clean and orderly space are- a greater sense of peace, an environment that allows and nurtures relaxation, saves time, money and emotional energy, as well as helps keep sickness away. There’s something about having a clean home that makes my life feel more organized and tidy.


So with the New Year here, and with the season of new habits filling the atmosphere, I have decided to join in and work on creating new cleaning and organizing habits. I am hoping that these changes will promote wellness in my home that will overflow into my life. I know that a clean organized home provides me with peace of mind and a sense of accomplishment. Therefore, if every day I can begin with a clean home, I can only imagine what else I will be able to accomplish. If you have been feeling that this is an area you want to improve, I encourage you to join me on my mission for cleanliness and order!


My Cleaning Goals

Last year’s old habit – I tend to leave items lying all throughout the house, which creates clutter and a feeling of disorder.  


This year’s new habit – Have a centralized drop zone, and make sure at the end of the night everything is returned to its proper place.


Last year’s old habit – I was using all chemical products full of harmful toxins.


This year’s new habit – Make homemade cleaning products. (Recipe post to follow)


Last year’s habit – stuffed closets, no space, lack of proper places for things!

This year’s new habit – De-clutter, and provide proper storage and space for necessary items (more storage containers).

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Anton says:

Wow this is great, I can’t wait to see homemade cleaning products! I’ve always used detergent free soaps (dr.bronners and such) but never took the next step and made my own!


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