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Spirituality and Self-Awareness are becoming widely accepted as major components of a healthy lifestyle in our modern world. Here we discuss meditation practices, personal discovery, and how to use positivity in everyday life.

Fight Stress with L-Theanine!

This is Part 1 in my new series “Secret Supplements That Work.” I want to make more people aware of extremely beneficial supplements that their body actually needs to function at its best. They are amino and fatty acids, minerals

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Excuse Free Mama

  I met a lady at the gym yesterday who so kindly encouraged me in being awesome… But she also expressed how she used to use her children as an excuse for not taking care of herself… Her words reminded me

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Read. Rock. Reiki

 Bedtime routine with my daughter is my favorite yet sometimes more challenging part of my day. I love it because it’s a special time for us…She loves her bath and putting on cozy pajamas, picking out her books and then

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Small Cleaners with Big Purpose

    Did you know that children naturally want to help with cleaning? OK, so maybe not from birth (although, on second thought, they do get us all to cleanup up our acts and language real fast…hmm).  But practically speaking a

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Cleanliness is close to Godliness

 I like things clean, alright, that may be a tad of an understatement…When I say clean, I mean I want to be able to eat off the floors. Dirt smudges, or little grimy fingers don’t stand a chance when I’m

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My experience with Vinyasa yoga and why you should be doing it

After feeling like I was on top of the world following this morning’s yoga class, I felt compelled to write about my personal experience with this gentle art. I feel like yoga is great because it combines exercise with spirituality,

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Achieve instant relaxation with Alpha brainwave music!

We have all heard of the magical benefits of meditation. It can be used to relieve stress, heal the body, and change your brain in a positive way that strengthens your neuron connections. The hard part is knowing where to

Eliminate long-term chronic stress!

It has always been common knowledge that stress kills. High stress levels dangerously elevate your cholesterol and your cortisol levels. Scientists have also found a link between stress and the way blood clots, increasing the risk of cardiovascular problems. It

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