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Spirituality and Self-Awareness are becoming widely accepted as major components of a healthy lifestyle in our modern world. Here we discuss meditation practices, personal discovery, and how to use positivity in everyday life.

Commit to Change

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Float Your Troubles Away!

Today, we are diving into a Sensory Deprivation tank to find out why this unusual activity has become extremely popular in helping people unwind from their stress and relieve physical ailments. This is something that is considered as alternative medicine

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Meditation Guide 2.0 Looking Deeper

Almost an entire year ago, I wrote the Beginner’s Guide to Meditation. It provides you with the basics that you need to get a meditation practice going. I now want to reflect on how meditation has completely changed my life.

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Tune in for Guidance

Finding guidance for the hard and simple choices, is only a quiet moment away. The guidance you can find from your inner intuition will most serve you and those along your path. Tapping into intuition wasn’t something I was always familiar with,

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Intro to Meditation (Beginners’ Guide)

Over the course of this past year I have discovered meditation and it has completely changed my life. Through regular meditation, I am able to achieve that relaxed, happy, “in the moment” feeling pretty much all day, everyday. I consider

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The Real World

What does your reality look like? Do you always get what you want in your world? or are you getting the short end of the stick? Do you feel that others treat you with respect and kindness? or Does it seem like

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Do you Have an Enlarged Ego?

Do you feel sad, angry, overwhelmed or anxious often? Do you easily get hurt by others and feel rejected or offended? Do you allow people or situations to affect you in a negative way?   If you have said yes to

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Exhaustion is a State of Mind

When I became a mom I abruptly found myself visiting the state of exhaustion more often then I desired. I experienced all the glorious side effects – the burning eyes, the nods, the yawns, and the feeling that you just may

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How to Protect your Energy

Energy is highly contagious! Warning –  bad vibes can be contracted and good vibes can be shared.  We all are susceptible to catching others energy, it happens all day and we don’t even notice. For example, when you see someone

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Trust Me Mommy

Trust me mommy…? Trust me mommy! Recently this has been a question and a statement that my sweet two year old Gracie has been making… The first time she asked me if I trusted her I was caught off guard

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