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I'm on a mission to find new useful information. I like to spend time researching, training Brazilian JiuJitsu, snowboarding and meditating. I want to help others in any way that I can.

Become SuperHuman with Fulvic/Humic Acid!!!

What if I told you there was a supplement that will supercharge your immune system to keep you from getting sick? This same substance has the ability to detoxify heavy metals from your body, can kill free-radicals and flushes them

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Fight Stress with L-Theanine!

This is Part 1 in my new series “Secret Supplements That Work.” I want to make more people aware of extremely beneficial supplements that their body actually needs to function at its best. They are amino and fatty acids, minerals

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Using a Sauna on Regular Basis Provides Many Health Benefits!

Ever since the days of original Finish dug out cave saunas, people have been enjoying this sweating with a purpose. Not only does it feel great but it provides many health benefits.

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Simple 3-Step Process to Treat Your Dry Skin and Eczema

This picture is not of me 🙂 but of a person with good healthy skin. It may be photoshopped but there is no reason why all of us can’t have that nice glow and complexion. Many people, especially during the

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Stop using the microwave! You’re destroying the food!

The microwave is perhaps the most commonly seen appliance in United States kitchens, but in the recent years it has also become a topic of controversy. I believe in constantly evolving and improving how we do things, so it is

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Why You Should Always Choose Grass-fed Beef

Grass-fed beef. We all have heard about it and seen it in stores, but what makes it so much better than the conventional corn-fed cows? Remember, you are what you eat. More importantly, you are what your food eats. Two

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Want something sweet? Fill up on berries!

Lets face it – every one of us gets a craving for something sweet. Whether it is a late night snack or something to munch on after dinner, sweet things are always nearby; ready to sabotage your diet. Instead of

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My experience with Vinyasa yoga and why you should be doing it

After feeling like I was on top of the world following this morning’s yoga class, I felt compelled to write about my personal experience with this gentle art. I feel like yoga is great because it combines exercise with spirituality,

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Avoid disease by balancing your omega-3s vs. omega-6s

I often ask myself, “what is the true purpose of following a healthy lifestyle?” It is probably different for everyone, but I feel like disease prevention is high on the list of reasons why someone may want to stick to

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Achieve instant relaxation with Alpha brainwave music!

We have all heard of the magical benefits of meditation. It can be used to relieve stress, heal the body, and change your brain in a positive way that strengthens your neuron connections. The hard part is knowing where to



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