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I'm on a mission to find new useful information. I like to spend time researching, training Brazilian JiuJitsu, snowboarding and meditating. I want to help others in any way that I can.

Float Your Troubles Away!

Today, we are diving into a Sensory Deprivation tank to find out why this unusual activity has become extremely popular in helping people unwind from their stress and relieve physical ailments. This is something that is considered as alternative medicine

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Low-Carb Diet: The King of Weight-loss

For the last 60 plus years, dietary fat has been demonized by the scientific community. In the 1950’s, researchers were mislead to believe that dietary cholesterol increases levels of blood cholesterol, therefore leading to clogged arteries and heart attacks (“lipid

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Prevent and Treat Cold Sores with L-Lysine!

Cold sores are something many of us have struggled with. Their cause is a virus called herpes simplex 1 which almost 90% of American adults have been exposed to. About 62% of adults are infected with HSV-1 but not all

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Supercharge Your Morning Coffee with these Power Ingredients!

Morning coffees are not all created equal. I am here today to introduce you to a couple of ingredients that will supercharge your coffee, providing much more than a pick-me-up in the morning. This new way of drinking coffee will speed

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Recruit Colloidal Silver to Combat Any Cold!

Colloidal Silver has been a well known natural remedy for colds and other types of viruses for a long time. It is so powerful that it can fight against antibiotic-resistant viruses! For everyday people, colloidal silver can greatly reduce the

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Meditation Guide 2.0 Looking Deeper

Almost an entire year ago, I wrote the Beginner’s Guide to Meditation. It provides you with the basics that you need to get a meditation practice going. I now want to reflect on how meditation has completely changed my life.

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The Ancient Power of MACA Root!

Hundreds of years ago, ancient Inca warriors in South America ate the Maca root before battle. It was known to dramatically improve their fighting performance and gave them long-lasting energy. The Incas also consumed Maca root as a dietary supplement

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Intro to Meditation (Beginners’ Guide)

Over the course of this past year I have discovered meditation and it has completely changed my life. Through regular meditation, I am able to achieve that relaxed, happy, “in the moment” feeling pretty much all day, everyday. I consider

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The Black Belt of Antioxidants – Glutathione!

We have all heard of antioxidants. They help our bodies get rid of cancer-causing free radicals and contribute to our overall health. We simply cannot expect to be healthy in today’s polluted world without some help of antioxidants. By carefully

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Improve Your Digestion and Combat Parasites with Diatomaceous Earth!

This may look like your breakfast cereal but it is another natural helper in my “Secret Supplements that Work” series. Diatomaceous earth is nothing new. It is silica powder that has been mined from underground. When the tiny cylinders of

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