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Float Your Troubles Away!

floatingToday, we are diving into a Sensory Deprivation tank to find out why this unusual activity has become extremely popular in helping people unwind from their stress and relieve physical ailments. This is something that is considered as alternative medicine and has not gained legitimacy in the medical community, which happens to be about 65 years behind current discoveries. Regardless of how mainstream this is, your life will never be the same after your first float.  Read more ›

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Low-Carb Diet: The King of Weight-loss

spartan1For the last 60 plus years, dietary fat has been demonized by the scientific community. In the 1950’s, researchers were mislead to believe that dietary cholesterol increases levels of blood cholesterol, therefore leading to clogged arteries and heart attacks (“lipid hypothesis”-A.Keys). As a result countless millions of people were wrongfully told to eat a diet rich in carbohydrates. Numerous studies have since proved that hypothesis wrong and I am here to tell you about how a low-carb high fat diet is the most effective way to trim down and achieve optimal body composition.  Read more ›

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Prevent and Treat Cold Sores with L-Lysine!

Cold sores are something many of us have struggled with. Their cause is a virus called herpes simplex 1 which almost 90% of American adults have been exposed to. About 62% of adults are infected with HSV-1 but not all get cold sores. In many, the virus lies dormant forever but in others, certain environmental situations provoke an outbreak. In this article I will show how L-Lysine has been proven to prevent outbreaks and make existing ones less intense. This is a remedy that has pretty much freed me from cold sores and the ones that do come are extremely minor.  Read more ›

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Supercharge Your Morning Coffee with these Power Ingredients!

coffeeMorning coffees are not all created equal. I am here today to introduce you to a couple of ingredients that will supercharge your coffee, providing much more than a pick-me-up in the morning. This new way of drinking coffee will speed up your metabolism, give you a ton of energy that caffeine alone cannot provide, and rev up your endocrine system! Lets take a look at the possible combinations based on your activity level. Read more ›

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Recruit Colloidal Silver to Combat Any Cold!

recruitColloidal Silver has been a well known natural remedy for colds and other types of viruses for a long time. It is so powerful that it can fight against antibiotic-resistant viruses! For everyday people, colloidal silver can greatly reduce the duration of their cold and make them feel better. I always start taking it when I’m just starting to feel sick and it drastically cuts the time I spend feeling under the weather. Here is how silver works and why you need to always make sure you get it from a quality source. Read more ›

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Meditation Guide 2.0 Looking Deeper

meditation2Almost an entire year ago, I wrote the Beginner’s Guide to Meditation. It provides you with the basics that you need to get a meditation practice going. I now want to reflect on how meditation has completely changed my life. I hope at some point that more and more people become willing to give it a try, because it is definitely the world’s best kept secret. Don’t let the stereotypical image of a meditating monk fool you; anyone can benefit greatly from just a short sit-down everyday.  Read more ›

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Tune in for Guidance

intuition-ego400Finding guidance for the hard and simple choices, is only a quiet moment away. The guidance you can find from your inner intuition will most serve you and those along your path. Tapping into intuition wasn’t something I was always familiar with, for awhile I wasn’t even aware what that meant.  Although, I have usually been someone who will stop doing something, or being with someone, if I feel it is not bringing positivity into my life.  Some may think I was selfish, but I was doing what I felt my inner-self needed in order to continue living a balanced life.  Little did I know, I actually was listening to my intuition – the guidance that comes from our higher self that directs us on the path of our higher purpose. Read more ›

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The Ancient Power of MACA Root!

warrior1Hundreds of years ago, ancient Inca warriors in South America ate the Maca root before battle. It was known to dramatically improve their fighting performance and gave them long-lasting energy. The Incas also consumed Maca root as a dietary supplement in order to regulate hormonal balances in the body, increase fertility, elevate their mood and for many other benefits. What knowledge can we take away from these Ancient civilizations? Maca can provide a healthy, natural boost without the downside of stimulants.  Read more ›

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Intro to Meditation (Beginners’ Guide)

meditation2Over the course of this past year I have discovered meditation and it has completely changed my life. Through regular meditation, I am able to achieve that relaxed, happy, “in the moment” feeling pretty much all day, everyday. I consider it a gift that allows us to soothe the mind and channel its great energy into positive thoughts. In this article, I will show why meditation needs to be a necessary ritual in our busy lives. Read more ›

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